Tata Housing

Video and Photography

About this Project

 We were more than stoked when the Marketing team at Tata Housing placed their faith in us to produce both video and photographic content for their prestigious projects. The fact that it’s one of our strongest relationships, gives us tremendous confidence everyday. The projects we have done with them have involved shooting both video and photographic material for across platform marketing. Using the customer profile as a starting point, we got down to creating the life of a family living in one of the villas of the Tata Housing property. The aesthetic was to be tasteful, classy and minimal. With this guideline we went about casting the models, choosing the perfect costumes and setting up the house for comfort and class to make it the perfect home.


There’s no shoot that does not have a hick up or two on set. This one was no different. The villa that we were shooting in had been finished to be delivered to a customer, complete with custom flooring for the chill out zone. We couldn’t afford even a tiny scratch. This presented a problem for the shoot, as we were to place a heavy pool table in the room. The solution came from our postproduction assistant for the stills. Taking onus of giving an uncompromised result, he suggested to place only the frame of the table at the location and he would complete it with a picture of the green surface of the pool table installed in the club house. It was a simple solution but its timeliness saved the day for the team.


Behind the Scenes